“Let’s wait. Let’s listen. Let’s wait.”

Inspired by “Waiting for Godot” by S. Beckett. Pre-ludiando is based on the idea of waiting for something. Pre-lude, in its latin origin, means: before playing. What happens while waiting to play, waiting for the game to start, waiting for someone to come? Is “playing” what makes our life worth living, or is it perhaps… the awaiting itself? 2 musicians, and a singer/theatermaker worked on this theme using the tools they are familiar with, their instruments, their music.

“We are glad. (Silence). And now that we are glad, what do we do? (Silence)”

The show is a collaboration between musicians coming from Puglia, Italy. Maria Gabriella Bassi, (pianist and professor at “N. Rota” conservatory, Monopoli, Italy), Claudio Mastrangelo (cello player, member of the Orchestra Sinfonica della Provincia di Bari), join forces with singer/theatermaker Carla Regina, based in Amsterdam, and composer Tiziana De Carolis, estabilished in Italy and France, and now based in Houston, USA. The cast is completed, even if ideally, with composer Gabriel Yared, (Oscar award for “The english patient”), with “Sogno di luce”, written for pianist Gabriella Bassi and one of the pieces performed in “Pre-ludiando”.


Foundation Voice, Actually!presents:


Carla Regina concept, staging, voice
Maria Gabriella Bassi concept, piano
Claudio Mastrangelo cello

Music by: J.S. Bach, D. Kabalevski, B. Maderna, L. Bernstein, N.Rota, G.Yared, T. De Carolis

photo prove3

Video editing by: Erik Miedema

Showing in the photo (from left to right):

Carla Regina, Claudio Mastrangelo, Maria Gabriella Bassi.