The Foundation

“Voice, Actually!” was officially founded on October 29th, 2009.
The heart of foundation “Voice, Actually!” lies with a tool we use everyday: “The Voice!”

  • “Voice” in the classical sense of the word.   “Voice, Actually!” hosts workshops on vocal technique, concerts, and lectures on voice related subjects. For personal expression or business related purposes, “Voice, Actually!” provides you with tailor made programs to suit every need of your company, your institution or even you, as an individual.

  • “Voice” as a form of communication and expression. Music theatre projects that link the voice with other art disciplines to explore the “multiculturalism” of the voice, and its way of expression in our multicultural society.

  • “Voice, Actually!” stands for “giving the Voice a Voice!” by providing  non-professional singers and voice students the opportunity to perform.  We organise and host charity and benefit events where “Voice” is provided as a service to a good cause.