Project: Maternità Lia Speranza

Voice, Actually Foundation supports the project: Maternità Lia Speranza in Nambuangongo, Angola, promoted and initiated by SMA (African mission’s Society).
The African mission’s Society operates for many years in Africa.

The project consists of a clinic for pregnant women with a waiting room, a visitation room, consultation room, and a full equipped 3 beds delivery room, in the province of Nambuangongo, Angola.

The project is led by Father Walter Maccalli and by two Mexican nurses who will actually run the clinic.

The clinic is named after and dedicated to the memory of the late Lia Speranza, friend and supporter of SMA, philanthropist and activist for the poor and the destitute all over the world.

To support this project Carla Regina with Voice Actually created and produced 2 musictheater shows which were instrumental to fundraising in Italy, and in Holland:

2011 Guerriera per amore
2012 Le cose che non ti ho detto

Voice, Actually will continue to support this project : a new fundraising is in preparation!

At the moment, we have raised more than 20.000 euros, and the first 2 stages of construction (acquiring the ground, building the foundations and the wall and installing sanitary pipes) are completed.

FotoAngola2This is how it looks right now :

But … we still have a long way to go.

If you wish to donate, please send your donations to:

“Progetto Maternità Lia Speranza”
Bank number :27169138

Of: Father Walter Maccalli

Nº NIB: 004000002716913815111

IBAN: A006
Internet Banking:
SMS Banking: 4224